Wildlife Suppression

Protecting our homes

Protecting Canada is what we do and when wildfires start we are ready to go.

Such operations call upon numerous skills and capabilities including long line slinging, water bucketing, bird dogging operations, and fire crew transport. We strictly follow the guidelines set-out by CIFFC and HAC so we are ready to go, safely!

Based in Nelson, Nakusp and Kaslo all of High Terrain's aircraft and crews are equipped and trained for such duties.  Our bases are equipped with Bambi Buckets, capable of precision delivery of water to a fire. We have extensive experience with conducting prescribed burns and fire site perimeter infra red scanning. Upon request, High Terrain can provide dedicated safety and operational briefings to fire crews to facilitate safety around helicopters, as well as hover entry and exit operations.

See our fleet page for an update list of our light, intermediate and medium aircraft.